Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ok. I get to take my show down this week and I'm working on a new bunch. I want to send my portfolio out to Chicago, LA, Atlanta, and then over to Europe. But I'm a little scar-rified and overwhelmed at the thought. I have had a few Memphis area buisness owners offer to show my work at various hair salons, antique shops and such, the idea depresses me so I turned them all down. I hope it wasn't in vain.


Shobo C said...

This looks great Erica, I think holding out on the hair salon and antique store owners is a good idea, I would buy ten of these were I rich man, and mark my words, one day I WILL BE!

The pixter pod said...

hahahah! Thanks Shobo, then I guess if you become rich, I will become rich in the process. And we'll buy our laws and our freedom! MUHAHAH!